He learned about Jani Vadon’s dismissal at the door: he was not even allowed to enter the TV building – Domestic star

Wild Jani his TV career is HBO How Much? 30! he started with his production, in which he worked as an editor and actor. Then came Z+, where he also edited and hosted a show.

Here he already worked with Balázz Sebestyén, but the joint work could last only one year, because Vadon was fired from the music channel.

Vadon Jani at the Z+ channel

He had to leave because of a bad decision: he was the editor of the show hosted by Balázs Sebestyén. In one of the broadcasts, a prize game was announced, the winner could pocket a Szandi cassette. Since Z+ was still in its infancy at the time, there weren’t really any applicants, so Vadon decided to announce the channel’s CEO as the winner – Story wrote based on the Rádió 1 program Balázsék.

Balázs Sebestyén and Jani Vadon have worked together in many productions.

Photo: RTL Klub/Kalandra wall!

Although Balázs Sebestyén felt even then that the idea might be too far-fetched, János Vadon was not worried and gave the green light to the matter. In the end, the former was right, first they were called in for a thorough brainwashing, and then they decided to kick Vadon out of the channel. However, they were not informed about this. The porter informed him that he could not let him into the building, because his access card did not work, as he was no longer among the channel’s employees.

Feri Rákóczi and his partner

In 2007, Feri Rákóczi found the woman of his dreams, Judith Vajda, whom he nicknames Béka, and they live together in great love and harmony. Although they already started a family, they did not get married, the reason for this was discussed with Andrea Soós in the Femina podcast.

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