He leaves a tip of more than 59 thousand pesos and the restaurant sues him for asking for the money back | News from Mexico

Many people do everything for likes on social networks, but sometimes everything can end badly. Just as it happened to a person who gave a large tip in a restaurant, apparently just to get attention. What’s wrong with it? Well, it turns out that after what was given, he asked for it to be returned to him, for which he is now facing a lawsuit.

According to international media, the story occurred in a Pennsylvania pizza restaurant. For approximately 3 thousand dollars (more than 59 thousand 967 Mexican pesos) the establishment is suing the client who, after leaving that amount in tips, asked for them backindicates Millennium.

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“It’s been causing a lot of drama,” Zachary Jacobson, manager of Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe in Scranton, told WNEP.

Similarly, the manager explained that at first they believed and “thought that someone was actually trying to do something good.” However, realizing that everything was for likes, everything changed.

Eric Smith was the one who left waitress Mariana Lambert $3,000. This after ordering a plate of stromboli. However, her tipping gesture was not genuine, as she only got on the social media trend called “Tips for Jesus.”

“We thought someone was actually trying to do something good,” Jacobson said.

For this reason, the affected party decided to sue, because he believes that it is inexcusable that they play like this with the workers:

“Unfortunately, we had to file charges through the magistrate’s office because we are now out of money at the moment. I hope he acknowledges his actions and comes forward and pays for this because he shouldn’t have done this.”

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