“He liked to remake the world over a drink”

This Wednesday, around 7:30 p.m., a 32-year-old young man lost his life at the wheel of his car. The Wrieze, the only one involved, lost control of its vehicle at the Haelen bridge in Robertville. Unfortunately, the safety guard could not hold back the Seat Ibiza he was driving. The car finished its race in the water. The driver was unable to exit the vehicle in time.

The car of Julien was found 15 meters deep. Research was immediately launched to try to save him, to no avail.

A terrible scene which left witnesses in shock, but which also plunged an entire family, loved ones and those around them in mourning. “He liked to remake the world over a drink,” says one of those who knew him well.

►► Julien leaves behind a woman and a little girl: tributes and testimonies


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