He longed to go home on Saturday. Hamilton’s distressed reaction at the finish line circled the world – Already on Saturday he longed to go home. The distressed Hamilton’s reaction at the finish line circled the world

Lewis Hamilton of Saudi Arabia took 10th place after third place in Bahrain, which was also helped by the resignation of Red Bull drivers.

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Lewis Hamilton in Saudi Arabia.

The reigning vice-champion of the Formula 1 world and the star of the Mercedes Constructors’ Cup defender in the end could not overtake even Kevin Magnussen from Haas.

His immediate reaction at the finish line was proof that the sovereign of past seasons was not used to similar placements.

“Is there a point for this position at all?” Brit asked on the radio. In addition, since 2010 the points have been scored by the top ten in the finish, the pilot in 10th place gets one point.

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Hamilton started from 15th place and was able to finish nine places higher, but did not heed the engineer’s order to leave the pits during the phase of the virtual security vehicle. He only came out after her end, which is why he lost his position.

According to him, there have been no major changes in connection with the Mercedes W13 monopost since the previous race.

“It simply came to our notice then. In the end, I couldn’t keep up with Haas today. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but I know our team is great. We will try to improve, “said the seven-time world champion for Sky Sports.

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Hamilton already admitted on Saturday that he is looking forward to the trip home. He encountered Friday’s rocket attack just a few kilometers from the circuit or Mick Schumacher’s accident in qualifying. And last but not least, the end in the first part of the qualification.

His colleague George Russell, who replaced Valtteri Bottas in the current season in the Mercedes, finished fifth and skipped the famous compatriot in the interim evaluation.

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The reigning champion Max Verstappen from Red Bull enjoyed the victory at the Jeddah circuit, and was joined on the podium by a duo from Ferrari, which confirmed the excellent form.

Calendar and results of F1 2022

Date, venue, time of the race / name of the winner
20. mark Bahrain Grand Prix Charles Leclerc
27. mark VC Saudi Arabia Max Verstappen
April 10 Australian Grand Prix 7.00
April 24 VC Emilia Romagna 15.00
May 8 VC Miami 21.30
May 22 Grand Prix of Spain 15.00
May 29 VC Monaco 15.00
June 12 VC Azerbaijan 13.00
June 19 VC Canada 20.00
July 3 VC Great Britain 16.00
July 10 Grand Prix of Austria 15.00
July 24 Grand Prix of France 15.00
July 31 Grand Prix of Hungary 15.00
28. augusta Belgian Grand Prix 15.00
September 4 VC Holland 15.00
September 11 Italian Grand Prix 15.00
September 25 Russian Grand Prix – canceled (looking for a replacement)
October 2 VC Singapore 14.00
October 9 VC Japan 7.00
October 23 YOU USE 21.00
October 30 VC Mexico 21.00
November 13 VC Sao Paulo 19.00
November 20 VC Abu Dhabi 14.00

F1 standings:

Riders: 1. Charles Leclerc (Mon./Ferrari) 44 points, 2. Carlos Sainz (Šp. / Ferrari) 33, 3. Max Verstappen (Hol./Red Bull) 25, 4. George Russell (V. Brit./Mercedes) 22, 5. Lewis Hamilton (V. Brit./Mercedes) 16, 6. Esteban Ocon (Fr./Alpine) 14, 7. Kevin Magnussen (DEN / Haas) 12, 8. Sergio Perez (Mex./Red Bull ) 12, 8. Valtteri Bottas (FIN / Alfa Romeo) 8

Constructors’ Cup: 1. Ferrari 77 bodov, 2. Mercedes 38, 3. Red Bull 37, 4. Alpine 16, 5. Haas 12, 6. Alfa Romeo 9, 7. Alpha Tauri 8, 8. McLaren 6, 9. Aston Martin 0, 10. Williams Racing 0