He performed ablution and entered the mosque.. An Israeli broadcaster reveals his visit to Saudi Arabia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Israeli broadcaster and reporter for the Israeli “Channel 13” announced that he had made a secret visit to Saudi Arabia.

Alon Ben-David re-published a video clip of him during his visit to Saudi Arabia, which was broadcast by the Israeli channel in one of its news bulletins.

The Israeli channel described its reporter’s visit to Saudi Arabia as “rare” and pointed out that the Kingdom is the most important Arab country.

And the Israeli journalist appeared in the clip as he performed ablution and entered one of the mosques in the Kingdom and conducted a tour of the markets and entered one of the sellers who did not appear to be of Saudi nationality and said to him: “I am from Israel.” The seller replied by saying: “Hello.”

It is noteworthy that the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Israel is likely to be one of the files that US President Joe Biden will raise during his visit to the Kingdom in the middle of this month.