He pretended to have cancer, raised more than 55,000 dollars and only has to return 5

Nicole Elkabbas pretended she had cancer, tricked hundreds of people in Britain into donating €52,000 (more than $55,000) to her and only has to pay back 5.

During the trial at the Canterbury Crown Court she was accused of having cheated throughout her life for a figure of 419,000 euros, although much of that amount could not be proven.

The 44-year-old woman received a two-year prison sentence, but the financial compensation to her 700 victims will be 5 euros because she is insolvent.

The fraud

Five years ago, Elkabbas pretended to have ovarian cancer and asked for donations online to face her supposed treatment.

With gestures of pain, he published a video in which she was seen lying between the white sheets of a hospital bed.

As he assured, he had undergone three surgeries and six chemotherapy sessions, for which he urgently needed money to pay for an innovative drug that was produced in Spain. And it was “the only way he could save himself,” he claimed.

The photo had indeed been taken in a medical center but after a minor surgery to remove his gallbladder.

However, he managed to raise some 55,000 euros, which he spent on luxury holidays, gambling, shopping, restaurants and even in a box to watch a single Tottenham Hotspur game.

Elkabbas’s lie was discovered when his doctor discovered the fundraising page.

The professional notified the Police and finally, in February of last year, the justice system managed to verify the scam.

The judge found the woman’s “cunning and manipulative” deception to be “insulting to those who must genuinely and courageously face the battle against cancer,” the Daily Mail reported.