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He rode a motorcycle in a crowded park with children in Hellemmes

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A 16-year-old teenager was arrested after riding a motorcycle rodeo in a park with children in Hellemmes. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

To dangerous driving could have caused a drama. A 16 year old has been arrested in Hellemmes, commune associated with Lille (Nord), Sunday July 18, 2021. In the Leroy park, where many children were, he made rodeo with a motorcycle that we had just lent him.

Dangerous maneuvers near children

It was after noticing a first offense of the same type, in another street in Hellemmes, that the police decided to secure the area. The motorcycle is located at Leroy Park, a green space located at the bottom of buildings on rue Jeanne d’Arc.

Except that the pilot is not the same as the one seen a few minutes before. Indeed, the initial pilot who wore a white t-shirt passed the motorbike to a teenager, dressed in a pink jersey. It was the latter that the police saw performing “various dangerous maneuvers near the children of the park”.

After his motorized “exploits”, he returned the two-wheeler to its original driver. The latter having fled at the sight of the police, it is the pilot in pink, who remained on the spot, who is arrested. He was taken into custody and will be tried soon.

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