“He said it was unprofessional” (photos)

At the beginning of March, Dris Wallace started teleworking. Like many parents, this American had to learn to combine work and look after her two children, Dani, 4 years old, and Dylan, 1 year old.

Very quickly, this new professional life turned out to be complicated for the mother. “The pressure from my boss stressed me enormously. The kids kept interrupting me and the baby demanded constant attention, ”says Dris in an article on ScaryMommy.com. As the days went by, his leader seemed increasingly irritated to hear the children interrupt their meetings from a distance. “He told me that during the calls with the clients, he did not want to hear the children in the background. He kept saying that it was unprofessional to hear children during the calls and that I had to manage to keep them quiet. ”

The young mother then tried to advance the nap of her son early in the afternoon, by asking her head to organize the calls between 1 and 4 p.m. But the latter did not want to hear anything and continued to schedule meetings during the noon hour. This complicated situation spread throughout the month of May, until the chief of Dris asked him to “settle the situation with his children”. “Would I have been elected employee of the month if I had left my 1 year old son to cry alone in his room?” It disgusts me, ”says Dris.

Finally, the mother’s employers decided to “separate from her”, on the pretext that they suffered “loss of income due to Covid-19”.

“It was clearly an excuse to justify their illegal motivations. And that was not even true because they continued to hire other people after I was fired. ” An injustice that is particularly difficult for the young woman to accept, who now wants to raise awareness of discrimination against mothers.


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