he saves his wife and children overwhelmed by the waves but falls ill and dies

As reported The messenger, the four entered the sea to take a bath on the shore, but in a short time they were violently carried away by the current. From that moment the nightmare began: they started drinking water, coughing. Jame fought to defend the family: first he helped and pushed the children until they managed to get out, then he supported his wife until the lifeguard arrived, who hooked up the woman and brought her ashore .

Immediately after rescuing all of his family members, Jame fainted. The lifeguard took him out of the water, a cardiologist and a resuscitator present tried to save him, but there was nothing for him to do. “When we got to shore there was still the pulse. They didn’t leave it for a moment and they did everything. Then, after about ten minutes, the 118 ambulance arrived and also the helicopter. The medical staff took turns. with the maneuvers for 40 minutes between the sobs and the hope of the family, unfortunately there was nothing to do “, told a witness to the Messenger. The man died of cardiac arrest.