“He sent me a message on Instagram to tell me he was a donkey”

The first six months of Lionel Messi at Paris Saint Germain they were not the desired ones. It was difficult for the Argentine to adapt, there were also some physical problems and his scoring statistics dropped enormously compared to what happened in FC Barcelona. After that, many people in the world of football called the decision to Messi to sign with PSG and one of them was Jamie Carragher.

The former defender of Liverpool and now a commentator on Sky Sports went direct a few months ago: “PSG will not win the Champions League with Messi, he is out for a walk, he is 34 years old“. What you never imagined Carragher is that Messi saw that criticism and wrote to him on Instagram in the private chat.

Months after that, Carragher decided to reveal it hours ago. “My criticism of his signing was on Monday Night Football and I received a private message on Instagram from him (Messi). I’m not going to show private messages, but basically he told me it was a donkey“.

To the surprise of his companions on the television program, Carragher made his disclaimer: “Messi watches Monday Night Football, so I hope he is also watching Friday Night Football today because Lionel, I absolutely love you. You are the best player of all time and, of course, if I compare myself with you, of course I was a donkey“.

At the same time, Carragher He explained why when putting together the ideal eleven for 2021, he left Messi out and put Salah in: “It’s not enough to have won the Copa América, I can’t leave my Salah out of the ideal team.”