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He spends more than a month in a Maltese prison for urinating on the street

Titouan B, a student of Staps at the University of Nantes, was urinating in the street while leaving a Maltese disco when police arrested him. Then follows a scenario ubiquitous, which will be worth to spend more than one month in prison and to be fined 4,000 euros.

To end up in prison for having urinated in the street. It is the sordid story that has happened to Titouan, a student in the third year of a Bachelor of Science and Technology in Physical and Sports Activities (Staps) at the University of Nantes. Aged 21, the young man was leaving his nightclub with his friends in early February, the last night of their holidays in Malta. He was urinated and urinated on the street when four policemen on the island caught him.

They asked him questions in Maltese and English. Not understanding what they said, Titouan then has a bad reaction: he runs away. "I started running. I was probably scared when I saw the police, panic. Maybe because I had my plane around 10 am, it was 5-6 in the morning and I did not want to miss my flight. My friends were not worried, they had not started to urinate yet. They did not move. The police caught me, they hit me. I curled up, they continued. Then they handcuffed me, and they took me to the station, "he tells LCI.

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5,000 euros deposit

Then follows an ubiquitous scenario. Scheduled for February 15, the hearing is finally postponed to March 27, "because neither Titouan nor the consul wore a tie and it is against the law," said a translator in prison. In the meantime, Titouan must remain in prison. He finally obtained a conditional release on March 15 in exchange for 5,000 euros bail, but is still not allowed to leave Malta. On the day of the hearing, the student pleads guilty to insult, insult and resistance to a law enforcement official, "the only way out quickly," according to his mother's statements to LCI. He is then sentenced to two years in prison suspended and to 4,000 euros fine.

On the Internet, a kitty has allowed her family to raise more than 11,000 euros to allow her parents to make several trips to Malta during the procedure. Once out of prison, the young man returned to Granada, Spain, where he realized his year of Erasmus. One thing is certain, he will never go to Malta again.


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