He stole one of the rarest cars in the world and sold it for 7 million: 67-year-old American arrested in Genoa

He was arrested in Genoa the 67-year-old American who twenty years ago had stolen and then resold for 7.6 million dollars one of rarest cars in the world from a Milwaukee workshop in Wisconsin, United States. The man, born in the USA but a Swiss citizen, managed to steal one in 2001 Talbot Lago T150CSS Teadrop Coupè 1938, vintage cars of which only exist 16 models in the world. The 67-year-old arrested in his hotel room in Genoa had developed a strategy that allowed him to act undisturbed for twenty years before being arrested.

After he stole the car, he had it transported in pieces out of the state and held hidden in a warehouse until the death of the rightful owner in 2005. At that point he had falsified documents, making it appear that he had bought it from the nephew of the now deceased owner. Later, he was back in municipality of Milwaukee to communicate to the authorities that the vehicle stolen years earlier had been found and that – after the purchase documented by notarial deeds then found to be false – he was now rightful owner. This communication to the authorities allowed him to move to Switzerland and take the car with him.

He then returned the vehicle to the United States in 2015 after selling it to an American buyer for $ 7.6 million. But in May 2019, the American authorities had discovered his illegal trafficking by issuing a warrant borne by the man who risks twenty years of imprisonment in the United States. In recent days, the police had been alerted to the presence of the wanted man in a hotel in via XX Settembre, in Genoa after the usual sending of the names of the guests to the police headquarters. Here, the judicial police officers joined him and led him into the Marassi prison pending extradition.

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