He threatens to “send missiles” on the home where he lives, ten months in prison

A resident of the Adoma home in Dijon (Côte-d’Or) threatened twice, on September 5 and 13, to “plant a bomb” and “send missiles”. Threats were made to the director of the home, reports The Public Good.

The defendant, aged 44, was sentenced on Monday to ten months in prison, six of which were suspended on probation. He is also under an obligation of care and is now prohibited from contacting the director or coming to the home.

Threats suppressed by law

The 40-year-old had lived at the Adoma home for seven years. He would have recently learned of the placement of his recently born daughter, as well as his upcoming exclusion from the establishment.

At the hearing, he assured that his threats had only been made under the influence of alcohol but that he had never imagined taking action. A defense that obviously did not convince the judges.