He tipped the waitress $3,000, now the restaurant is suing him

He claims he didn’t tip that much.

He couldn’t believe his eyes Marina Lamberta waitress at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, when a customer gave her a huge tip.

The customer only ordered a stromboli (a pizza roll that looks like a bagel) for $13.25, i.e. HUF 5,300, but he also left a $3,000 tip, i.e. HUF 1.2 million. The woman felt like she had won the jackpot, especially now, after the coronavirus epidemic.

For the invoice paid by the customer with a credit card, Eric Smith he wrote “Tip Jesus” for what he claimed was a social media movement.

Later, however, he denied the whole thing, disputed his credit card charge with his bank, but by that time the money had already been paid to his employee by the Pennsylvania restaurant, the Daily Mail wrote.

Smith said the is Office also mentioned to Alfredo’s in the series that if they think about it, they should sue, which the restaurant did, because they ran out of money, at least that’s what the restaurant’s manager claims, Zachary Jacobson.

By the way, Jacobson does not deny that their hardworking colleague Lambert deserves the money, and that the huge tip, or more precisely the subsequent interest, has also been good for their small business. But three months have passed since the incident, they haven’t received the amount back, which they really want to see again.