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"He touched me like a savage": victims of Preynat talk about their trauma


"He talks about caresses. My wife caresses me. He was masturbation; he touched me like a savage", indignantly at the bar a victim of Bernard Preynat, tried in Lyon for multiple sexual assaults on children.

"He lowered my shorts, touched my sex, masturbated me, forced me to masturbate and sometimes asked me to masturbate, to stroke his cock … He turned me over to rub against me," said Wednesday. before the correctional court Stéphane Hoarau, 8 years old at the material time, adding that these abuses had taken place several times in the room of the former clergyman.

According to him, young Preynat prey sometimes succeeded in the same room. Called by the priest under the pretext of helping him with something (a frequent operating mode at his place), Stéphane Hoarau remembers having met when arriving a little boy, fleeing glance, head down, which left a room where was Preynat.

"I really felt like he had made her suffer the same as me," he said.

"I trusted." In the beginning. But "I was not born under a lucky star," said Hoarau, placed at the age of 4 in foster care after having already been the victim of a sexual predator in his family circle. He had been registered by his host family with the scouts of the Preynat group to "crop it".

What he harvests are touching, repeated sexual assault. He will file a complaint in April 2016 after long years of silence.

After the scouts, will follow other galleys, host families, hostel, home of young workers and "homeless" at barely 18 years old.

Since then, "I got married". "I have children but I have a lot of trouble touching them," he admits, attributing his difficulties in cuddling them to the trauma experienced in his childhood, under the influence of "Father Bernard". "These reluctance, there is a cause and effect link with what happened to me."

Another victim witnesses horrible "flashes" when she changes the diapers of her twins, two-year-old boys.

"Sometimes, when I have to change them, visions come back to me. Fears come back to me," says the strangled voice Stéphane Sylvestre who filed a complaint in 2015. "While changing a child is very far from caresses on the sex "by Preynat. But "I was afraid of becoming an attacker myself".

He remembers the touching of the ex-priest on his sex, especially in the offices of the first floor of the Saint Luc church. When Preynat attacked him, "he could talk about scouting, completely out of step with what he was doing to me. I say that now with my adult vision," notes Mr. Sylvestre.

"I wanted to leave the scouts and when I could finally leave, I leaned and collapsed along the wall. His parents were surprised and Stéphane finally spoke:" A man caressed me; he put his hand in my shorts. "Fortunately," my parents believed me right away and it helped me a lot. "" At the time, I felt like I was the only victim. "

When one is abused, "one is a puppet in a body which does not belong to us any more", he says, the throat tightened.

– Thank God ! –

Facing his victims, Bernard Preynat, as since the beginning of his trial, partially recognizes the facts and asks for their forgiveness. "I regret having made him unhappy," said the 74-year-old priest after the poignant testimony of Mr. Sylvestre.

"I was very far from attacking them all, thank God!", He exclaimed a little earlier, in response to the president of the court who stressed on his part "a multiplicity of acts on a multiplicity of children for twenty years ".

Ten civil parties, out of 35 victims heard during the investigation, were constituted at the trial, many facts being time-barred. One of the civil party victims, Frédéric Sarrazin, did not appear at the hearing.

The president Anne-Sophie Martinet indicated that would be heard in the afternoon the experts who tried to probe the personality of Bernard Preynat, priest adulated and perverse sexual.

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