he tries new femicide by stabbing his partner in the back

Stefano Fattorelli, a 50-year-old warehouse worker, stabbed his partner after a fight. In 1999 he killed his wife Wilma Marchi hitting her with 33 stab wounds in front of the cemetery of Grezzana, in the province of Verona.

Convicted of stabbing his wife Wilma Marchi in 1999, the 50-year-old Stefano Fattorelli – from Caprino Veronese – after being released from prison, attacked and stabbed his current partner, Sandra Pegoraro, at the end of a dispute. It happened two nights ago in Padua: the woman was beaten and stabbed in the back after an argument and is now hospitalized: she underwent a long surgery for stab wounds, but her conditions were defined as not serious.

Stefano Fattorelli, a 50-year-old warehouse worker, is already known in the news for a femicide and other incidents of violence against women. In 1999 he killed Wilma Marchi, her wife, hitting her with 33 stab wounds, in front of the cemetery of Grezzana, in the province of Verona. For that crime he was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment, later halved for good behavior. In prison he met a psychologist who then harassed, stalked and threatened her, up to another sentence – non-executive – of two years in prison. Two days ago the third episode. Everything took place in the morning at Sandra Pegoraro’s house: the neighbors told investigators that they had heard a furious argument, and then the victim’s request for help. While Fattorelli was leaving the house, the ambulance arrived and rescued the cohabitant by taking her to the hospital. For some time the man had begun to obsessively check the cell phone of her partner, until she had decided to leave home; a decision that Fattorelli had decided to “punish” by attacking his girlfriend and stabbing her behind her.

Tracked down by the Carabinieri not far from the scene of the attack, was transported to prison on charges of attempted murder. The validation hearing is scheduled for tomorrow: the prosecutor, Antonino Cappelleri, has already made it known that by virtue of the specific precedents, Fattorelli will be asked to remain in the penitentiary.