“He used baby oil as a lubricant”: Holly Madison claims she got infection after having sex with Hugh Hefner | Celebrities

In an interview with the ‘Girls Next Level’ podcast, Holly Madison claims that she has regularly asked Hugh Hefner to stop using baby oil during sex. Only the Playboy boss wouldn’t listen. “After talking to my gynecologist, I said to Hef, ‘You have to stop using baby oil. I’m not allowed to use it’. I told him that my gynecologist also agreed, but even then he refused to listen to me. “People use it on babies,” was his response.

The ex-Playmate also claimed that at one point she refused to use the oil. “Later, other people told me that he secretly smeared it on his hands when I was not watching.” She continues: It’s just disgusting. I don’t know why he was so fascinated by it either. We used it so often that my private parts became irritated and I had constant infections.”

Madison has already spoken out about her sex life with Hugh Hefner at the end of August. For example, she saw sex with the Playboy boss as a kind of task. She also made it clear that she was happy once the lovemaking was over. “That man just didn’t move. It lay like a tree trunk in the middle of the bed.”