He waits for his ex-wife under the house and sets an ambush for her: 38-year-old arrested

She waited for her to come home after taking her youngest daughter to school and attacked her. Hearing the cries of the mother, the eldest daughter came to her rescue and the man, to make them believe he was the victim, voluntarily banged his head against a window.

The aggression

Saturday 7 May. A 48-year-old resident of the Arcella leaves the house to accompany her daughter to school. She greets her at the entrance and goes home. She does not know that since the dawn of her her ex-husband, 38 years old, of Tunisian origin, has been waiting hidden under her condominium. The woman returns, she does not know she is being followed. Her ex-husband takes off his shoes so as not to make noise. She takes the keys, puts them in the lock and turns. At that moment he jumps on her. He pushes her into the apartment, drops her to the floor, takes her cell phone, wraps his hands around her neck. He is strangling her. Her eldest daughter, hearing the cries of her mother, rushes to see her and the terrible scene of her comes before her. At that point the man realizes he is in trouble, he wants to put the blame on the two women. So he headbutts the glass door and injures himself. He runs away to the car dripping blood but does not go far: the wounds are deep. He is rescued and taken to the hospital in Padua: he risks losing an eye permanently. The 48-year-old also ends up in hospital, she is in a serious state of agitation and is discharged with a prognosis of seven days. She calls the police and the Flying Squad quickly ascertains her version of events: the man had left home because of the many quarrels. He was arrested for family mistreatment and improper robbery: a ban on approaching the family home and places frequented by his ex-wife was ordered.