he waits for the NBA, Real Madrid tempts him and Partizan goes for him

Two weeks before the start of the season in the United States, the Argentine point guard is still without a club. Meanwhile, in Europe they dream of his luxury.

Two weeks from the start of the NBA 2022-23, and in full dispute of the pre-season matches, Facundo Campazzo maintains the illusion of finding a new team to continue playing in the United States.

The 31-year-old Argentine, recent champion of the AmeriCup with the Argentine National Team and member of the ideal quintet of the competition, became a free agent last July after two seasons in Denver Nuggetsbut dreams of staying in the elite.

Trophy in hand, Campazzo celebrates Argentina’s AmeriCup title. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino.

In line with his wish, it was learned that Phoenix Suns y Dallas Mavericks they laid their eyes on him, although with no immediate intention of hiring him, since they already made up their squad for the next campaign.

In this context, the most concrete possibility in the NBA is that of the San Antonio Spurs, where the Argentine flag is always well seen. the output of Dejounte Murraywho left for the Atlanta Hawks, opened up a point guard spot that could be filled by ​Campazzo. Gregg Popovich, the historical coach of the Spurs, sees it with good eyes.

“I have all the moving of the house (from Denver) done, so now it remains to know which team is and move there”, commented the emerged from Club Atlético Peñarol de Mar del Plata.

Europe awaits

As long as none of the possibilities that appear from American basketball materializes, the Real Madrid wait for the return of whoever it was two-time Euroleague champion (2015 and 2018) and three-time champion of the ACB League (2015, 2018 and 2019) dressed in white.

According to the Spanish journalist Carlos Sánchez Blas, there are open negotiations between Campazzo and Merengue and a debt that the basketball player has with the White House could collaborate with his return. They insist on him, understanding that he would give even more quality to a squad full of figures.

The Argentine point guard must pay the Madrid team part of his six million euro clause, after his departure from Spain at the end of 2020. However, it was stipulated that he would pay a percentage of his salary each year, so he has no emergencies and will continue to wait until the last moment for a possibility of the NBA.

Facundo Campazzo, champion and MVP with Real Madrid.  Photo: Twitter @facucampazzo

Facundo Campazzo, champion and MVP with Real Madrid. Photo: Twitter @facucampazzo

Another of the strong proposals from Europe is that of Partizan in Belgrade, one of the giants of Serbian basketball that returns this season to the Euroleague.

According to what was revealed by the specialized site Sportingwhich quotes Serbian journalistic sources, the capital club will make official in the next few hours a proposal for a one-year contract to World runner-up with the Argentine National Team in 2019.

After a long break, Partizan will return to the Euroleague this year, taking advantage of the defection of the Russian teams (CSKA Moscow, Zenit Saint Petersburg, Unics Kazan), who are prevented from participating for the duration of the war with Ukraine.

The team is led by renowned coach Zeljko Obradovic, 62 years old, and will open the continental season this Friday facing Alba Berlin, in Germany, as a visitor.

Denver says his departure was to find a ‘bigger player’

Calvin Boothgeneral manager of Denver Nuggetscommented to the press that Campazzo left out of the team Michael Malone because “we are looking for a bigger player.

“Facundo gave his heart and soul when he was here. He was loved in the locker room. However, we wanted to try to be a slightly bigger team. and we didn’t think it was absolutely necessary to have a point guard like him. So we made the decision to move in a different direction.” Booth.

In addition, he praised the Argentine for how he reacted to the lack of continuity last season, in which he averaged around 18 minutes per game and He started only 4 of the 65 games played by the Colorado franchise.

“I know that I probably would have liked to play more minutes, but these are things that happen throughout a season,” said the manager.