He was a garbage man, won 11 million euros in the lottery and ended up cutting firewood

Michael Carrol hit the jackpot at age 19, lost everything in an incredible way and today his life took a 180 degree turn.

The story of Michael Carrol (39) perfectly represents how to go from heaven to hell in a matter of years. In 2002, Michael was 19 years old and won £9,736,131 in the lottery of United Kingdomthe equivalent of about 11 million euros.

Despite the great stroke of luck he had, in less than a decade he was left with nothing. Michael currently lives in Moray, Scotland, and his current way of life changed a lot . She gets up at 6am to work 12-hour shifts hauling coal and chopping firewood for a salary of £10 (11.5 euros) an hour.

“When you give nine million pounds to a 19-year-old, what do you think is going to happen?” Michael Carrol told the magazine. BBC a few years ago. What did Michael do with the millions he won in the lottery?

Michael came from a very humble family, his father was in prison and he lived with his mother and stepfather.

a suffering life

Michael Carrol was born on March 29, 1983 in Swaffham, UK. He came from a very humble, working-class family. His father was imprisoned throughout his childhood, so he was an absent figure for much of his childhood. His parents separated and his mother married a man who, according to Carrol, physically abused him almost daily.

This provoked rebellious behavior in Michael, who was arrested at age 13 for shoplifting, due to which he entered a juvenile rehabilitation center. In addition, Carrol was dyslexic, had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and barely knew how to read and write.

Despite all the bad things he suffered in his early years, he was able to complete his high school studies and managed to reintegrate into society by starting to work as a garbage man. Michael thought that his life was beginning to fall into place, but he did not suspect that his lucky break was about to come.

luck and waste

In 2002, Michael was on his way to work like every day and decided to make a play in the UK national lottery. The number combination was 5, 28, 32, 39, 42 and 48 and 21. It was a completely random bet.

In the afternoon, when the lottery was drawn, Michael Carroll matched all the numbers and won £9.7m tax free. The money was equivalent to about 11 million euros. The case attracted attention from the first moment he appeared to claim the prize. She seemed to be living a dream, but it was going to end up being a nightmare.

Carrol worked at a garbage collection company and was expecting a baby with his girlfriend at the time, Sandra Aitken. He quit his job and was soon devoting his life to waste.

In the early days he devoted himself to spending money for pleasure. He bought himself gold chains, jewelry, popped champagne bottles and had quite the arrogant attitude. He became a media figure and gossip show cameras followed him everywhere.

Carrol cared little and bought a mansion for half a million euros. In it, he organized five-day parties for his friends with cocktails of drugs and narcotics for all tastes. It is estimated that more than 400,000 euros were spent on drugs. “My camel has more prize money than me,” Michael told La BBC a few years ago.

The only smart investment Carrol made with advice was the creation of a £3.9m bonus that generated consistent monthly income. However, Carroll was very generous with his family and friends, giving his mother, aunt and sister £1 million each. Because of this, in September 2003 he had to start living on the bond.

His house, known by the nickname of “the Mansion”, was the usual scene of wild parties, in whose gardens vehicle destruction contests were held. For years, “the friends” who accompanied Michael continued to live in his house, until they were kicked out.

Michael squandered his fortune on parties, gifts and drugs.

Michael squandered his fortune on parties, gifts and drugs.

bankruptcy and anonymity

Michael, after wasting his money, filed for bankruptcy in February 2010 and put his mansion in Swaffham, Norfolk, up for sale, which he bought for £740,000. She unfortunately only sold for only 142,000 as she was badly damaged.

In 2011, Carroll told the Journal The Sun that he had nothing left of the prize he had won: “My 10 million pounds vanished in just ten years and I don’t have a house or a car that I can call my own. But I’m not bitter.” Michael was left with nothing. For a time he lived with friends and family and had to go back to look for work, something that was not easy given his reputation.

Today Michael gets up at 6 am to work hauling coal and cutting firewood.

Today Michael gets up at 6 am to work hauling coal and cutting firewood.

In August of that same year he attempted suicide twice and was saved both times by a friend. In 2012 he was banned from all the pubs in his town, Norfolk, so he decided to change the scene and move elsewhere.

Today he lowered the decibels and lives in Scotland with his girlfriend and son. Michael is happy because hardly anyone recognizes him. He managed to get his old life back and works hauling coal for 10 pounds an hour. But he assures that he is a happy person and that is what he really cares about.

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