“He was a good tool for downloading other browsers”

On August 16, 1995, Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer, which also became part of Windows. The browser was the starting shot for the big monopoly case against the company in 2001.

IE stopped with version 11 June 15, 2022

Now it’s over and out for Internet Explorer, which had 11 as the latest version number, but Microsoft’s browser ambitions live on with Edge, one that instead builds on the Chromium framework.

IE 11 support expired on June 15, but if you are a Windows Server 2022 user, or use an older OS with extended support, you will still receive support. Edge will support IE mode until 2029.

Microsoft will slowly but surely send everyone applying for IE over to the Edge website in the coming months. Disabling IE will occur in an upcoming update of the OS.

If you Google Internet Explorer, this is the first website that appears.
Even Apple has more browser users even though there are far more Windows computers.

“He was a good tool for downloading other browsers”

Internet Explorer was not the worst program ever made, but the updates to the underlying engine did not go fast enough so that the competitors withdrew in terms of performance. Another reason is that new features were almost never introduced and that extensions were something Chrome really took off, but which never became a big deal. to IE.

It’s almost a bit sad for many of us who have used IE to download the browser we really want, something developer Jung Ki-young spent 3300 kroner to honor in the form of this tombstone: