He was lynched a serial killer of children who consumed the blood of his victims

Last Friday a serial killer was lynched in a Kenyan town after he escaped from the Police.

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This is Masten Milimo Wanjala, 20, who had been arrested on July 14 after being accused of disappearing several children. In the middle of the process, the man admitted that in the previous five years he murdered ten minors. In addition, according to what he told the Criminal Investigations Directorate (DCI), before executing them, in many of his cases he sucked the blood from their veins.

Everything was established for the man to be tried for the disappearance and murder of some of his victims, but he managed to escape from the prison he was in and, in the middle of his flight, he came to a town in Kenya to try to hide. However, the community identified him and decided to lynch him.

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“He was recognized from this region, and was recognized by the children who warned and the information spread, so the villagers chased him (…) He got into a neighbor’s house, but was discovered and lynched,” the Police reported. .

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