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He was only 27: Matthias Schweighöfer mourns his songwriter

The German hip-hop scene mourns the loss of musician Samson Wieland, who performed together with his brother Chelo as hip-hop duo SAM. In 2012, they played in the opening act of the rapper Cro. On the official Instagram page of the band was announced on Friday that Wieland has died. He was only 27 years old. Nothing is known about the circumstances or the background of his death. Samson and his brother are from Ochsenhausen in Baden-Württemberg. There they discover their love for music at an early age: "We learned classical instruments early on, Chelo started playing drums at the age of six and guitar at the same age, because at home there are a lot of instruments lying around, and at some point I also have drums and Chelo Piano, "Wieland said in an interview with online magazine Fast Forward last year. And the parents of the brothers liked music: the German dad heard Schlager, the Mama from Zambia 2pac, it says on the homepage of the band. So it can be explained that Sam Wieland was not only on the stage as a hip-hoper, but also wrote songs for hit greats like Andrea Berg and Howard Carpendale. Lena Meyer-Landrut and The Lochis also sang lyrics from his pen.Sam Wieland wrote songs for Matthias SchweighöferFor actor Matthias Schweighöfer, who released his first album "Lachen Weinen Tanzen" last year, Wieland contributed the song "Auf uns Zwei". "It was not clear at the time if the song was going to be on the album, but my rap was so well received that the song actually made it to the album," Wieland said in the interview. The contact was made by Schweighöfer's manager. "He heard our music before and was able to say exactly which songs he liked and which ones did not, which I found crazy that such a guy actually listened to our mixtape or our first album," said Wieland. And further: "The collaboration with Matthias was great, because he is simply a very nice guy." During his appearance at the Berlin Tempodrom in February 2017, Schweighöfer brought Wieland to the stage and they performed their song "Auf uns Zwei" together. Schweighöfer published a photo on his Instagram page, which shows him together with Wieland. The 37-year-old wrote: "Thanks for everything, we'll miss you, RIP Sam." Sam Wieland recently lived in Berlin, his brother Chelo in Munich. Only this summer they had signed a record deal with Jive Germany, which belongs to the major label Sony Music, in October their new album "Avision" was released. All the more tragic is now the surprising death of Samson Wieland.


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