“He was very afraid of a second confinement”

“He took his last bow,” explains his brother Philippe, also a restaurateur at “Labo 4” in Liège, modestly. Clinically dead for several days, his relatives decided to let him go, not without having given permission to the doctors to remove certain organs.

The prospect of a second wave and ending up again with a closed restaurant got the better of his last efforts. “Of course he had personal problems, like everyone else,” his brother continues. But the fact of not being able to fully exercise his profession, which was also his passion, is also a big part of his decision. “

“He was very afraid of a second confinement”, the full testimony of his brother.

Gérard Miller was very well known in the region.

Another well-known restaurateur, Marc Carnevale, pays tribute to him and denounces the current situation of restaurateurs and independents


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