He would have been 74 years old now: This is what the tomb of Zsuzsa Cserháti looks like now – Photo

Zsuzsa Cserháti he was only 55 years old when he died, but his voice, his songs, his art will live on until the end of time. His talent has unfortunately been coupled with a tragic fate, but fans and admirers have not forgotten it ever since. This is also shown by the fact that his grave became a real place of pilgrimage in the cemetery of Farkasréti, when we visited it, on the 22nd birthday of June 22, it was decorated with flowers that never withered, it was clean and cared for.

Photo: Koszticsák Szilárd

As Ripost has already reported, the final tomb of Cserháti was completed in 2020, after 17 years of waiting.

Relatives and friends have made a vow: it will forever obscure the identities of the patrons who financially supported her to smile back at her special loved ones back to her loved ones and fans instead of the head of the tragically destined singer.

Photo: Ripost