Head of the Berlin youth fire department is resigned

Head of the Berlin youth fire department is

The longtime head of the Berlin Youth Fire Brigade resigned on Tuesday on suspicion of criminal misconduct. Since he is active as a youth youth firefighters and full-time at the Berlin Weir, the responsible fire department also prompted a “ban on the exercise of service”, as it says in a press release published yesterday. According to reports, it should be serious allegations. The accused declared on Tuesday in a BZ report that the allegations are incomprehensible to him. No secured information On which offenses the suspicion refers specifically, was not yet secured to bring in experience. There is no preliminary investigation with the police, the public prosecutor’s office was not available until late in the evening. The fire department spoke only of a “possible criminal misconduct related to the activity as Jugendfeuerwehrwart”. Take this very seriously and check further steps. These included in particular “the support and care of affected comrades of the volunteer fire department and the youth fire department by experts,” it says. Further speculations would be forbidden, as long as the background was not completely clear. The Berlin Youth Fire Brigade employs around 1000 children and adolescents aged between 8 and 18 years. Their leaders are volunteers.

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