Head of the “general affairs” department

Job description

RIFSEEP Group: 3

Your main activities:
Responsibility of the general affairs department (reserved files, policies, care without consent)

Specific missions:
– Preparation of official visits (assistance in setting up the process, constitution of files for the prefectural body and centralization of files for the ministries, sending and monitoring of invitations to elected officials, etc.) and permanent updating of contacts (excluding visiting days official).
– Monitoring of the political life of the department (ex: updating of the biographical files of the personalities …) and links with the cabinets (regional, departmental council and town halls, parliamentary offices)
– Processing of complex interventions transmitted by the Presidency of the Republic, the services of the Prime Minister, ministries, local elected officials or individuals in connection with the agent (category C) in charge of this mission
– Participation in the organization of political elections (participation in political analysis, participation in the taking of candidatures, organization of the centralization of results during electoral evenings – link with town halls)
– Management of State liability litigation files, in conjunction with the deputy head of the office.

Other missions:

Replacement in case of need for care without consent (ERDS)
Constitution in case of need of discharge files from the prefect
Assistance on the follow-up of worship services
Participation in meetings, replacing the office manager or assistant.
Presence on site during official visits.
Your professional environment

Service activities:
Deal with reserved, political and protocol matters; Monitor public opinion and current affairs;
Ensure the follow-up of cults and sects; Manage files relating to political elections, the protection of
individual freedoms, the responsibility of the State; Monitor interventions and coordinate responses
brought; Ensure the management of national and local ceremonies and honorary distinctions.
Participation in meetings, replacing the office manager or assistant.
Presence on site during official visits.
Composition and staffing of the service:
13 agents
Hierarchical links:
Head of the Cabinet Office, Deputy Head of the Cabinet Office
Functional links:
State services, central administrations, other State services, local authorities and elected officials

Required profile

Your main skills implemented
Technical knowledge :
– Know the professional environment: level of mastery required
– Have computer-office skills: mastery level required
– Other: election software: mastery level required

Know how :
– Knowing how to work in a team: practical level required
– Knowing how to write: level of mastery required
– Have the spirit of synthesis / practical level required
– Know how to analyze: practical level required

Know-how :
– Knowing how to adapt: ​​level of mastery required
– Have a sense of human relations: level of mastery required
– Knowing how to communicate: level of mastery required

Complementary information

Administrative location:
Prefecture of Toulouse
Cabinet Services and Security Directorate – Cabinet Office
1 place Saint-Étienne 31000 TOULOUSE
Functional use:
General affairs

Typical job / standard job description code:
Assistant d’administration/ ADM004A