Head of Youth Mosque in Sleman Allegedly Abused 20 Children Since 2013

CNN Indonesia

Monday, 06 Feb 2023 13:55 WIB

The youth leader of a mosque in Sleman with the initials AS (28) committed sexual acts against dozens of boys while the victims were fast asleep in the mosque. Istockphoto/Coldsnowstorm

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia

AS (28), a chairman mosque youth (squeezing) in the area of ​​Ambarketawang, Gamping, SlemanDIY was arrested by the police after allegedly molesting dozens of minors since 2013.

KBO Satreskrim Polresta Sleman Iptu M. Safiudin explained that this case was revealed after a number of victims reported to the police in January 2023 yesterday.

The report started with one of the US victims, namely ANNH (16) who experienced sexual abuse by the perpetrator on January 15, 2023 in the morning.

Safiudin explained that on January 14, 2023, ANNH and one of his colleagues stayed at a mosque, Ambarketawang, Gamping, Sleman after carrying out activities to welcome the month of Ramadan.

Early the next morning, the perpetrator followed ANNH to the mosque and committed obscene acts while the victim was fast asleep.

“When the perpetrator was carrying out his actions, the witness (ANNH colleagues) happened to wake up and saw the act,” said Safiudin at the Sleman Police Headquarters, Monday (6/2).

After the witness told this, ANNH came home and told the incident to Remas’ colleagues and their parents.

At that time, there were four other people who finally claimed to have experienced similar acts from the US. ANNH then represented his friends and reported this case to the Sleman Police Headquarters.

The police arrested AS and officially named him a suspect before being detained at the Sleman Police Headquarters Detention Center, February 3, 2023.

“There are five victims we have asked for information about, confessions from suspects there are at least nine people. However, based on the information we have counted, there are 20 victims, of which some of the victims are now adults,” said Safiudin.

Safiudin said that the US started its actions in 2013 and was most intense in 2019. This action was carried out in the neighborhood of his mosque and boarding house.

On average, the victims were neighbors of the suspects, most of whom were reluctant to talk because they felt this was a disgrace for them.

Safiudin emphasized that all of the US victims were male. The perpetrator’s actions are carried out when the victim is asleep or awake. Police also ensure that the US has no trauma in the past.

“The suspect has sexual deviations like this because previously in 2013 he often received messages from groups on social media containing pornographic videos. He watched the videos and could not contain his lust and took it out on children or young people in the mosque,” he explained.

Safiudin said that the investigation into this case was continuing and it was possible that the number of victims would increase. The police have so far collected post mortem evidence from the victims as evidence.

For his actions, AS was subject to Article 82 of Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning Amendments to Law Number 23 of 2002 in conjunction with Article 292 of the Criminal Code. “The maximum penalty is 15 years in prison,” concluded Safiudin.


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