Headline: mobilization turns into chaos in Russia between violence and massive flight of conscripts

Published on : 27/09/2022 – 15:08

The massive mobilization of reservists decreed by Putin “ is turning into a meltdown “, say it Washington Post. « If thousands of young Russians say goodbye to their families before leaving to fight, others, just as many, struggle to find a way to leave the country “, notes for his part the Guardian. « A flight motivated by panic fear “, explains for his part the correspondent ofThe country, which reports that, according to the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, ” some 260,000 men would thus have left the country in the last few days ».

« And this resistance to mobilization also degenerates into violence “, underlines for his part the Wall Street Journal « recruiting centers are now under attack “, reports the American daily as was the case Monday in Siberia ” where a Russian opened fire on his commander a few hours after another man drove his car into the entrance of a military post before setting it on fire with Molotov cocktails ». « Anger that could well turn against Putin », Analyzes the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Far from ” patriotic awakening “wanted by the Kremlin, says the German daily, the anger then rises” that rumors are circulating about a general ban on leaving the territory for conscripts, which could take place this evening, as soon as the “pseudo-referendums” in Ukraine “. The Russians understood that this partial mobilization is nothing but a desperate attempt to find cannon fodder “, comments the Washington Post. « As the debacle now shatters his country, Putin could pay the price “, believes the Post.

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Putin grants Russian citizenship to whistleblower Edward Snowden

« This is a truly ideal time to become a Russian citizen “, quipped the former head of American intelligence, reports the Washington Post, whereas faced with this new provocation from the Kremlin, the White House was content to recall ” that American justice was still asking for his extradition ». « Political refugee for nine years in Russia “, Edward Snowden, a former American intelligence agent ” is threatened with trial in the United States for having transmitted to the press tens of thousands of documents proving the espionage activities of the NSA, the American National Security Agency “, Explain The world, which recalls that these revelations had raised strong tensions between Washington and its allies “. The new ” Russian citizenship ” by Snowden in any case sparked a lot of ridicule on Russian social networks who wondered “ if he too would soon be drafted to fight in Ukraine “, notes for his part the Guardianwho reports that his Russian lawyer had to deny ” arguing that his client could not be drafted, as he had never served in the Russian army ».

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Welcomed by Moscow, the victory of the far right in Italy worries Washington

It’s not just Europe that is worried about the upcoming arrival at the head of Italy ” of the post-fascist Giorgia Meloni “, explains the Washington Post that measures ” the dangers on its ability to resist Vladimir Putin’s attempts to break Western sanctions against the Kremlin “, all the more, underlines the Post, what ” one of his coalition partners Matteo Salvini already opposes these sanctions and that the other Silvio Berlusconi praises Russian authoritarianism “. Concerns shared by the New York Timeswhich also highlights “ the growing kinship between European nationalists and Republican Trumpists “. What to strike a blow ” to the central theme of the Biden presidency of defending democracy and rejecting authoritarianism abroad ».

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NASA achieves the feat of colliding with an asteroid in order to deflect it

A huge achievement by NASA, which succeeded in ” lead at 11 million miles from Earth, a spacecraft to crash into an asteroid the size of a football stadium “, say it Guardian. « An unprecedented first test of NASA’s ability to defend the Earth against an apocalyptic scenario “. A test at 325 million dollars », « worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster “, also enthuses the New York Times which salutes a success which could one day save humanity from possible Armageddon by deflecting an asteroid threatening to crash into Earth ». « Earthlings can now sleep more peacefully “, argues one of the NASA officials.

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