healed health worker cannot go back to work if he does not vaccinate • Imola Oggi

by Andrea Brancolini – A willingness to harm. It cannot be interpreted otherwise the umpteenth rule against the unvaccinated and the latest speech of the prime minister with his accusation of this expiatory category confirms it. Once again to pay the consequences of a climate of hatred fed by an absolute legislative delirium are the workers, the common people, fathers and mothers and their children with the only “fault” of being unvaccinated. The latest regulatory madness, in fact, is jeopardizing not only the work but also the very life of the health workers and part of the school staff.

I explain what I am referring to because I fear it is a passage that many have overlooked and deliberately kept hidden by the government in order to continue to be able to push with impunity on this unfortunate and unjustified public health vaccination campaign to the bitter end.

We have seen on several occasions that the government was unscrupulous: does not make available data on adverse effects and vaccine deaths since November; the law for criminal impunity was made which allows prosecutors to also file cases in which the deaths are directly related to vaccines, as having the vaccine signed the false informed consent has actually relieved anyone from the consequences of the vaccine itself; does not practice active vigilance drug; uses main-stream funding to drive information; falsifies the data which it then uses to found health and social policies, as well as the state of emergency; shamelessly resorts to the “scapegoat” to divert attention from his very serious responsibilities, in short, we knew all this and much more, but we must also know this other irrational and very dangerous norm. A total abolition of common sense which is replaced ex officio by what allows a radical removal of constitutionally recognized social rights and an ad libitum continuation of terror.

Yes, because the government does not like health workers (and even school staff) healed of Covid who, albeit with the right to possess the super mega (Fantozziano) green pass, but not vaccinated, are not allowed to work. But how, you will say? A recovered person cannot immediately reinfect or infect and indeed has a provably greater immunity, even in terms of time, than any vaccine, so much, we repeat, that he is entitled to the green pass, yet for the government he has no right to work! Green Pass Super yes, work and salary no! In fact, the government requires the recovered doctors who want, and alas want, to return to work to do it only three months after recovery and having previously subjected themselves to at least one dose of the serum.
The request was communicated verbally to my wife and we wrote to the Medical Association with the lawyer to formalize this need: three months of waiting and a dose of vaccine to be reinstated.

So summarizing to the government the health workers who have been healed but not vaccinated are not doing well, they must remain suspended and in any case not to return to work even if recovered, before having made three months pass from recovery and having completed the vaccination cycle with at least one dose of serum. To watch over this filth are the orders of the doctors which are to be counted among the worst paper passers in the history of supervisory institutions. Probably the government by not paying thousands of people for some time hoping to make money and to return the money given to maintain this state of emergency …

But before asking questions, we must add a related and disturbing fact that if you know the writer, it is really within everyone’s reach, namely that vaccinating those who are cured can be dangerous as well as useless. Dangerous due to the possibility that in case of infection following vaccination a phenomenon known with the acronym of ADE (antibody dependend enhancement) develops which can make the disease extremely aggressive even in a young and healthy organism.
Certainly useless as there are now numerous and unambiguous scientific studies that show without doubt that natural immunity is more complete, protective and lasting than the decidedly ephemeral one offered by vaccines,

Let’s not add anything other than that it really seems to us that we have largely passed the mark of all tolerable patience and understanding. It is really too much: by law to have to submit to an experiment that does not stop even before the proven uselessness of the same!

Now, aware of all this, let us ask all the institutions that, in contravention of Article 32 of the Constitution, they want to impose vaccination on us as cured to work a few questions: what is the use, why are you pursuing this crazy way? Why do you want those who have already been infected to be inoculated, exposing them to risks? Why aren’t the healed sick simply considered immune as medicine shows? Why this insistence on vaccinating? Why prevent health workers from working even if healed and therefore in the possibility of working in total safety for themselves and for patients? https://www.lapressa.it