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For the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones and the urinary tract had two options: the invasive (an extractive operation) and the less invasive (with a reusable ureteroscope). The latter was the least harmful, but it has technical limitations, operational problems and high costs related to maintenance, sterilization and reprocessing.

What options were available before the arrival of these digital solutions? Dr. Jorge Saldaña, urologist and medical director of Urozen shares a bit of history with El Comercio.

Advantages of using the disposable ureteroscope

It is then that it appears as an answer, Litho Vue appears, a ureteroscope that maintains the quality of the digital image, is quite flexible (which greatly facilitates the work of the doctor) and disposable, which is already available for patients of kidney stones from Lima..

"It is a 100% sterile equipment, one is used per patient, the procedure is over and the patient is ready to go home, ”explains Saldaña Gallo. According to the expert already large machines are not required to process images, but it is an all-in-one device because the Litho Vue software takes care of everything in the back area of ​​the monitor, allowing mobility without losing quality and sharpness to the images.

The advantages for the patient by the use of the new ureteroscope

“This ureteroscope is very easy, because it moves in both directions up to 270º, reaching anywhere in the kidney. The only limitation is the size of the calculation ”, emphasizes Saldaña.

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