Health alarm for Covid-19 in Romania

Rumania suffers a fourth wave of coronavirus pandemic much more aggressive than the first three.

More than fourteen thousand infections have been registered in 24 hours.

The situation is dramatic in the hospitals of a country with an underfunded public health system.

282 people have died in 24 hours, bringing the death toll in Romania from coronavirus to 39,209.

Of 26 patients in the UCi of the Bucharest Emergency Hospital, only three are vaccinated.

There are 1,593 patients in intensive care, and the hospitals are working at full capacity. The number of available beds was completed yesterday, after the authorities decided to put into operation the modular hospital in Pipera, on the outskirts of Bucharest, which will reopen in the coming days. Starting this Saturday, the first patients could arrive at the Letcani Modular Hospital, near Iasi, which will be reopened under military direction.

At the Bucharest Emergency Hospital there are 26 patients admitted to the ICU. Doctors and nurses go out of their way to care for them. Their number has exceeded the ICU bed limit, but doctors have found a way to treat them all. The youngest patient is 22 years old and the oldest 92.