Health alert, additional vaccine needed | Here’s where and who will have to be inoculated

Health is important both to us and to the people we love, including our pets. There is a health risk that we and our furry friends share this year, and that perhaps we could not imagine.

Generally when we talk about health, some diseases characterize humans and others animals; but in other cases, the risks can be common.

Among the most annoying problems for animals, there are undoubtedly ticks. This year, however, man is also at risk. This is a real alarm.

Vaccine (web photo)

We have entered the season of allergies, and annoying pollen. In some cases, however, they can be very useful in terms of health, and even help predict the course of certain diseases.

This is the case of the Tbe, tick-borne encephalitisthe viral infectious disease caused by a virus transmitted by the bite of infected ticks. According to research conducted by the Edumund Mach Foundation (Fem), the amount of pollen in the air can help predict Tbe.

As reported by Trento Today, the Trentino study explains that the amount of pollen from some tree species (such as beech, hornbeam and oak) recorded over the course of a certain year by the aerobiological monitoring stations is linked to the cases of Tbe observed two years after.

And since the pollen quantities recorded during 2020 were very high, the 2022 could be a year with similarly high virus circulation. The alarm concerns the Trentino woods, where these mites are already present, with a peak expected between the end of May and mid-June.

Tick ​​encephalitis
Tick ​​encephalitis (web photo)

This type of ticks they are found in all forest environments, from the valley floor up to 1,200 meters above sea level. The seeds of the plants in these places represent the food for the wild rodents typical of the place – like the wild mouse or the reddish vole – which I am vectors of the virus.

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The Fem has made maps of the risk of direct tick bite or transmission by animal vectors of the virus. It is recommended to check skin and clothing after trips or excursions.

Tbe virus is a disease initially from flu-like symptomswhich could however develop up to more severe forms such as encephalitis and meningitis. For this it was deemed necessary to organize a vaccination course of three dosesfree for residents of the province of Trento, and recommended for those who carry out outdoor activities for professional or recreational-recreational reasons.