Health and well-being came together at the inauguration of Caribe Fit

The body was designed for movement. That is why this Friday began the first edition of the Caribe Fit, event organized by EL HERALDO that seeks to keep you active and healthy.

This conversion, training and physical training event also includes a mental health section. Also, this Saturday, from Great Maleconthere will be a training day, starting at 6:00 am with the Mexican Ro54.

actress and writer Valentina Lizcano He opened the event with a conference focused on his personal healing testimony.

‘Healthy madness’ is the name he has given to his search for inner well-being, which he has been involved in for more than a decade.

Lizcano talked about the importance of demystifying the fitness stereotype.

A life without stereotypes. “I love to carry the flag of fitness, but not from the comparisons and stereotypes that are the ones that ultimately damage physical condition because they affect from the mind.”