Health authorities from all over the country support the appeal of the Ministry of Health of the Nation to the precautionary measure that suspends the promotion of the pediatric vaccination campaign against COVID-19

In an extraordinary meeting of the Federal Health Council (COFESA) held virtually today, the ministers of health from all over the country supported the appeal that the national health portfolio presented to the precautionary measure issued by Judge Alfredo López, of the Federal Court 4 of Mar del Plata, which aims to suspend the promotion of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in children under 6 months to 16 years of age. The health authorities agreed that the decision has no technical basis, nor scientific rigor.

In addition, the presentation made challenges the intervening judge for having publicly advanced his opinion on issues that are pending resolution in the present case, which violates the guarantee of impartiality that he must respect in his position.

At the COFESA meeting, it was pointed out that the aforementioned judge has already issued precautionary measures that suspended public health policies, such as the Law on Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy and the Health Pass. In all cases, said measures were revoked by the Mar del Plata Court of Appeals.

The authorities recalled that the vaccines applied in Argentina have scientific evidence on safety and efficacy, and were authorized by regulatory agencies, international organizations and the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT). In addition, they have the endorsement of the National Immunization Commission and the Argentine Pediatric Society.

They also emphasized that vaccines are the quintessential element intended to protect the health of the population within the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic.