Health authority reports 158 new corona cases in the state of Bremen


2,287 people are currently actively infected with the corona virus in the state of Bremen.

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  • 119 new infections in Bremen – 39 in Bremerhaven
  • 7-day incidence is falling in Bremen and rising in Bremerhaven
  • Authority reports another death

158 new corona cases were reported in the state of Bremen on Wednesday. The city of Bremen accounts for 119 new infections – that is 86 fewer than a week ago. There are 39 new cases in Bremerhaven – eleven more than a week ago. In addition, the health department reported another death.

This reduces the 7-day incidence in Bremen from 200.3 to 185.7. In Bremerhaven, the value for new infections per 100,000 inhabitants increases from 206.1 to 215.8 within seven days.

The incidence of hospitalization increases in Bremen from 3.53 to 4.06. In Bremerhaven, the value for new admissions of corona patients in clinics per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days remains stable at 5.28. However, it can be assumed that the value will increase from Thursday. Since Bremen will not only count the patients who were admitted because of a corona infection, but also those who actually came to the hospital for something else – but tested positive for the virus during the routine check.

Currently, warning level 0 still applies in both Bremen and Bremerhaven. Bremen will switch to warning level 2 on Thursday. In Bremerhaven, this step will follow on Friday.

In Bremen there are currently 53 corona patients in the hospitals, 15 are receiving intensive care and ten are ventilated. In Bremerhaven, nine corona patients are currently hospitalized, three are in intensive care units, two of which are ventilated.

Location in the hospitals in Bremen and Bremerhaven

According to the health department, 49 patients and patients are being cared for as inpatients in Bremen. 15 are in the intensive care unit, twelve have to be ventilated. In Bremerhaven, three of the twelve patients are ventilated, four are in the intensive care unit.

A smartphone on which a vaccination certificate is displayed.

Image: Radio Bremen

Image: Radio Bremen

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