A major ministry of health has been criticized after it has been stated in an official report that 10% of its workforce is to be cut.

NHS Tayside aims to release around 1,300 people as part of efforts to balance books through "natural attrition".

It comes despite the Scottish government's commitment to write off millions of pounds of debt.

The plans are published in a section headed "Other Important Issues" in an Audit Report to the Board of Directors in September.

There was an "acceptance that the workforce must be reduced by 10%".

Monica LennonMonica Lennon described the decision as a "recipe for a disaster" (Mark Runnacles / PA)

Scottish Labor's Shadow Health Secretary, Monica Lennon, said: "The removal of more than 1,000 jobs is not a rescue plan for the Department of Health of Scotland.

"It's a disaster recipe that could jeopardize patient safety and NHS Tayside's well-being for many years to come.

"The financial chaos and risk that has plagued NHS Tayside is not the fault of its loyal and dedicated employees, nor is it fair to patients.

"For NHS Tayside, at a time when employees are already overworked and stressed, considering a 10% reduction in headcount is unbelievable and raises serious security concerns."

NHS Tayside – with around 13,000 employees – has a deficit of £ 18.7 million in 2018/19.

It belonged to a number of public health offices whose debts were written off by the Scottish Government.

Several have received loans in recent years – so-called brokerages – to fill financing gaps.

No job loss at NHS Tayside is due to layoffs.

The reason for the move was to bring the number of staff to that of the other health authorities.

NHS Tayside Labor Director Annie Ingram said: "Over the past two years, NHS Tayside has conducted a series of benchmarks for the workforce showing that labor costs at NHS Tayside are higher than in comparable health services.

"We spend around £ 540 million each year on staff, and we are responsible for making the most of our public resources.

"It is important that we find out where efficiency can be achieved while ensuring that the services are delivered with the best possible use of the resources provided.

"Patient safety and clinical care remain top priorities for NHS Tayside, but we also need to achieve a financial balance.

"That's why we conduct an organization-wide review of staff numbers, grades and capabilities, working in partnership with our employees and our unions to ensure we have a secure, affordable and sustainable workforce.

"Our transformation program offers opportunities for redesigning services that are delivered in different ways to a different workforce.

"There is no compulsory redundancy policy in NHS Scotland, so nobody will lose their jobs. Any reduction will be due to natural attrition. "

The health director appointed a new chairman and chairman in April.



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