Health could be the Conservative leader’s next hobbyhorse

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invited his provincial and territorial counterparts to discuss an agreement on health funding. The meeting will take place on February 7 in Ottawa.

Mr. Poilievre’s position on this subject remains unclear, even within his own camp.

But for many strategists, the country’s health care crisis is an excellent opportunity for the Conservative Party to expand its electoral base.

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“We understand that the economy really matters, but a political leader must be able to speak on a host of subjects,” said Shakir Chambers, a former Conservative political adviser.

Ever since he became leader of the Conservative Party, economic problems and crime have been Pierre Poilievre’s favorite subjects.

However, the tide is starting to turn. Earlier this week, Poilievre answered questions from reporters about health care funding and the role of the private sector. Last week, he promised to recognize the skills of foreign health workers within 60 days, in order to unclog the health system.

While Ontario MP Scott Aitchison wants greater investment in health, his Quebec colleague Gérald Deltell thinks the federal government is wrong to want to dictate how the money should be spent.

Mélanie Paradis, a Conservative adviser, says health care and accessibility are top concerns for Canadians.

“We must have a conservative solution for important issues such as health care,” she says.

carbon tax

Mr. Poilievre promises to cancel the federal government’s carbon tax. Rather, it wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through technical means. However, the Conservatives have not yet explained how they will achieve this.

Saturday, Mr. Deltell, the party’s spokesman for the environment, ensures that a plan will be ready for the next election campaign.

For strategists, Poilievre needs to consider the pace of his future announcements. If he does not want to present all of his commitments too quickly, especially since we do not know the date of the next election, he must also show Canadians what they should expect of him.

Ms. Paradis says that Mr. Poilievre has already started this work. This week, he released a video in which he speaks compassionately about autism and other forms of neurodiversity and his intention to share financial resources with First Nations.

Laryssa Waler, former director of communications for Ontario Premier Doug Ford, concedes that Canada will have to meet many challenges, particularly in the economy and in the health sector. However, she rejects the idea that it is up to Mr. Poilievre alone to provide solutions.

“Pierre’s task is to lead the opposition. This does not include proposing government policies on money transfers. His job is to point out the problem,” she says.

While waiting for the distant call of the election, Mr. Poilievre wants to send the message that “everything is broken” in the country. He repeated it in front of his caucus. However, for Conservative strategist Chris Chapin, convincing the electorate that everything is wrong in Canada is one thing, convincing them that Mr. Poilievre will fix everything is another thing.

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