«Health Dubai»: providing the virus testing of the neva soon

«Health Dubai»: providing the virus testing of the neva soon

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Dr. Marwan Mohammed Al Mulla, Executive Director of the Health Regulatory Sector at DHA issued a circular to all public and private health centers and hospitals in Dubai on the spread of the NIVA virus in the southern state of Kerala in India, which is one of the modern diseases involving humans and animals. Is a fruit bat.
Dr. Al-Mulla explained that the virus is not available at the Health Authority’s laboratories until now and will be provided soon. He explained that the reason for issuing the circular is to raise awareness and give full information to all workers in the health sector in Dubai about the symptoms and how to move the disease to take the necessary precautions and procedures, .
He said that the virus is one of the newly developed diseases common to humans and animals (bats, pigs) through direct or indirect, which moves through the secretions of bats carrying the disease causing severe symptoms, and transmitted disease from infected animals through the consumption of coconut fruits Contaminated with bat droppings or exposure to body fluids of infected pigs, as well as the direct and indirect movement of humans to humans during exposure to body fluids (coughing and sneezing), which has been confirmed and documented, including moving within therapeutic institutions, Yeh.
On the symptoms of the infection, Dr. Mulla said that it is fever, headaches, drowsiness and confusion and cerebral congestion beside the shortness of breath, pointing out that the incubation period ranging from 4-14 days, and may extend the incubation period to 45 days.
He added that because of the high rates of travel from areas where the virus is spread in addition to the length of incubation there is a possibility of transmission of the disease from the areas that spread to the inside of the country, so providers must take the date of the last travel abroad for patients with symptoms similar to the symptoms of the virus and reporting And to provide preventive treatment to health workers, and to note that in the initial phase of the treatment, Potential cases may be brought to the health facility with respiratory infections accompanied or not accompanied by a brain infection.
He pointed out that the symptoms of the disease include respiratory infection for more than 7 days, and sudden severe fever, and severe breathing and cough, noting that radiation shows the presence of leaks scattered chest.
He stressed the need to educate travelers about the danger of travel to areas where the disease is spread and the symptoms of the disease and how to prevent it and the need to seek medical assistance when feeling symptoms, in addition to postponing unnecessary trips to areas where the spread of the virus, and strengthen the system of epidemiological surveillance at all ports of airports and seaports To detect all cases suspected of being infected with the virus and to take action.
He stressed that the cases to be reported include any person who meets the following two criteria: the symptoms of acute encephalitis, and is evidenced by sudden severe fever to evidence of poor performance of the brain acute, as reflected in the change of mental state or enter into a bout of cramping or any neurological deficit , And possible cases include a person who has severe acute encephalitis symptoms during an outbreak in the region or has direct contact with a person infected with the virus.
He said confirmed cases were any suspected or probable case. The laboratory test showed the presence of the NIVA virus in the presence of ELSA antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid and the identification of the RNA DNA of the NIVA virus by PNA.

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