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The liver one of the organs that performs more functions.

It is responsible for releasing the blood of harmful substances, such as alcohol and drugs; It uses sugar as a source of energy when levels are low and is a source of iron supply for the body.

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And just as sustained excesses can cause serious damage to this organ (such as cirrhosis or liver failure) for abundant alcohol consumption), there are some foods that can help improve its functioning.

"My advice is to avoid foods that are hepatotoxic like saturated fats, fried foods and alcohol," Argentine nutritionist Magdalena Boccardo told BBC Mundo.

In BBC Mundo we present to you what are five of the best foods that help in liver health.

1. Garlic

Garlic has properties that help regulate and improve liver function.

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties.
(Photo: Getty)
Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties.
(Photo: Getty)

"It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help regulate the work of the liver," says the nutritionist Grace Fjeldberg on the Mayo Clinic website.

"It is advisable to crush it and then consume it to take advantage of its properties."

Garlic, according to experts, is also recommended for its high content of allicin, which helps to clean the liver.

2. Apple

Thanks to its high fiber content, apple It is also a great ally when it comes to caring for the liver.

Apple is considered one of the most complete foods. (Photo: Getty)
Apple is considered one of the most complete foods. (Photo: Getty)

"It is important to take care of this aspect, because, among other things, the proteins that are formed in the liver transport iron, vitamin A and copper to the rest of our body where nutrients are needed," he tells BBC Mundo to a Colombian nutritionist Sandra Milena Cardona.

Another attribute is that it contains a large amount of vitamin C, which also acts as an antioxidant and protects cells from external damage.

Several experts recommend greens, to promote greater fiber action.

3. Broccoli

Odorous cooking, broccoli may be one of the most hated foods by children and even some adults, but it cannot be denied that it is a vegetable with great nutritional properties.

In the case of the liver, It will help neutralize harmful elements that may affect its operation.

Broccoli is a food rich in vitamin A. (Photo: Getty)
Broccoli is a food rich in vitamin A. (Photo: Getty)

"This type of food is important that helps reduce cholesterol synthesis," Cardona said.

Experts also indicate that it is a rich source of Vitamin A, which prevents the aging of cells.

4. Lemon

Another fruit in which vitamin C appears, which is a great contributor to the liver.

"Lemon juice contains a large amount of concentrated vitamin C. A small lemon contains a third of the recommended daily amount of this vitamin," says Jill Corleone, a nutritionist at the University of New York (USA).

And reference the study published by the US National Health Library. in which it is indicated that the juice extracted from such a citrus has a lot of "antioxidants that reduce inflammation, eliminate free radicals and improve the body's ability to process glucose."

"There are several studies that confirm it: lemon contains vitamin C, flavonoids, carotenoids and other bioactive compounds that fight oxidative damage and protect the liver, ”adds Corleone.

Avocado is a great ally of the liver, but should be consumed in moderation. (Photo: Getty)
Avocado is a great ally of the liver, but should be consumed in moderation. (Photo: Getty)

5. Avocado

Avocado or avocado has been baptized as the "green gold" and is slowly becoming one of the most profitable production foods on the planet.

But it can also be an ally when it comes to defending the liver from possible damage.

Several studies indicate that avocado is a great source of healthy fats, which can help liver protection and purification of harmful or unnecessary substances.

"The greatest advice is that there should be a balanced and healthy diet that will provide all the necessary nutrients to the liver," says nutritionist Cardona.

"One of the main tips is the use of healthier fats such as avocado, olive oil and nuts and seeds," he concluded.

However, to the same extent, he points out that you should be very careful with your excess consumption, because this healthy fat, which can also be found in olive oil, can cause what is known as fatty liver.

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