Health, French Alpine Club of Chamonix


PSC1 training

The level 1 civic prevention and rescue certificate, abbreviated as PSC1, is basic first aid training in France. Since 2007, it has replaced the first aid training certificate, AFPS.

The level 1 civic prevention and relief certificate is compulsory to obtain a federal certificate as an initiator or instructor.

Training is organized by approved associations and authorized organizations.

Health pass in clubs on August 31, 2021


Subject to local regulations and changes in laws and regulations, the rules relating to the Health Pass are as follows as of August 31, 2021:

  1. Activities in a natural environment (public space and excluding events subject to declaration or authorization): no health pass.

  2. SAE: the climbing rooms being ERP (type X) the sanitary pass is required.

  1. Volunteers / supervisors: as soon as the pass is required, supervisors are subject to it like all users.
  2. Minors: exempt from a health pass until September 30, 2021, then submitted from that date, from 12 years old.

The clubs or committees organizing courses and training courses must contact any accommodation and catering service providers to find out about the rules applicable in their establishment.