Health in Cartagena: Hospital red alert was declared in Cartagena for dengue cases | Cartagena

Due to the epidemiological behavior of dengue in Cartagena, and the high occupancy in pediatric hospitalization services, Dadis declared the hospital red alert in the city, with the purpose of monitoring and controlling the care received by the population requesting health services, especially people with suspected disease.

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The hospital occupation of pediatric services is as follows:

Hospitalization: 84%

Intermediate care: 98%

Intensive care: 97%

With the Red Alert, the District Administrative Department of Health orders the following:

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1. It is strictly forbidden to return patients with dengue-related symptoms from Primary Health Care Centers or any IPS, without first ruling out the disease.

2. It will be mandatory that the EPS do not delay the authorization of services.

3. The IPS must set up a hydration room for all people with suspected dengue.

4. Ambulances must be at the disposal of the Emergency, Emergency and Disaster Regulatory Center at all times.

In parallel, the DADIS conducts inspection and control visits to verify the possibility of expanding hospital beds, especially pediatric ones, for timely and quality care.

At the end of epidemiological week 41, 3,338 in the city of Cartagena. (96 severe, 1,825 dengue cases with warning signs and 1,417 without warning signs). 21 deaths have been recorded, of which 8 have been confirmed, 9 under study and 4 discarded.