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Health. In Paris, anger spreads in emergency services

The tension has been high for several weeks in the emergency services of the Paris Public Assistance-Hospitals (AP-HP). Led by a group of caregivers, the strike that lasted for more than three weeks at the Saint-Antoine Hospital could be a stain. This morning, the CGT and FO call indeed all services to stop work, while negotiations must begin in the morning with the management of the UBC. For its part, the SUD union has filed strike notices in four other establishments: Pitié-Salpêtrière, Lariboisière, Tenon and Saint-Louis.

At the Lariboisière hospital, where a patient died last December after waiting 12 hours on a stretcher, the movement began last night. In Saint-Antoine, it is a succession of assaults, including that suffered by a caregiver, that triggered the conflict. In addition to recurring incidents with patients, the staff denounce the inertia of the director of the hospital, who, in the face of this attack, should have triggered the ad hoc procedure, including the functional protection of the victim and ensure his support at the police station. to file a complaint. None of this happened. The nurse joined the police station by car Uber, supported by one of his colleagues. Hence the explosive anger. And the insistence on getting a hardship bonus of 300 euros. "To compensate for unbearable working conditions", explain the strikers of Saint-Antoine.

"It cracks everywhere"

In a long letter to staff dated Tuesday, April 9, and that Humanity has procured, Martin Hirsch, the director general of AP-HP, opposes a polite refusal to grant this bonus. "It is not possible for the AP-HP to create a specific bonus for a particular category of hospital public service staff," he says, while being reassuring about the issue of security. . "We will continue in all services to respond to this legitimate demand for protection," he continues.

While attendance at emergency reception services jumped 3.4% on average in the capital in the first quarter of 2019, staff do not doubt the links between repeated attacks and insufficient staffing. "We are confronted with violence, with social precariousness. it cracks everywhere, "says Yann Flecher, union nurse at the CGT. In Lariboisière, where he works, the emergency service recorded 300 passages Thursday night, against 250 on average in recent weeks. According to this caregiver, the causes of the overflow of emergencies are multiple. "Closing the emergency rooms of the Hôtel-Dieu, the disappearance of hundreds of hospital beds for the benefit of the outpatient, and general practitioners who are becoming increasingly rare in some Paris neighborhoods," he lists. Added to this "the suppression of 5,000 positions of incumbents, cutting the workforce of all services," says the unionist.

High-risk negotiations

The definitive and immediate recruitment of employees now on fixed-term contracts (CDD) is, consequently, the second most important claim of the strikers. Faced with the sling, Martin Hirsch seems ready to release the ballast. It mentions the release of 45 positions, which however represents less than two jobs per service. The systematic integration ("stagiarisation") of nurses, but also of caregivers, is also mentioned. The negotiations starting this morning are high-risk for the former high commissioner for solidarities. For the first time in a long time, AP-HP's eight trade unions are calling together all categories of personnel to mobilize on April 19, when the supervisory board of the largest public hospital will be held. La France.


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