Health. Lipstick could soon protect you from germs

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Sharing a tube of lipstick can easily spread infections. Recent studies have reported that lipstick formulas incorporating natural colorants, such as red dragon fruit, can yield products with vibrant colors and antimicrobial activity. Other research has shown that cranberry extract inactivates viruses, bacteria and fungi.

An anti-microbial lipstick

Spanish scientists from the Catholic University of San Vicente Mártir de Valence have thus relied on this latest work to create a lipstick shade with cranberry extract and antimicrobial properties.

The team mixed the fruit into a lipstick cream base containing shea butter, vitamin E, provitamin B5, babassu oil and avocado oil. During their experiments, this cream was exposed to different viruses, bacteria and fungal species.

An effective result

The different virus types were completely inactivated within one minute of contact with the cream containing the cranberry. And multi-resistant bacteria (like Staphylococcus aureus or E-Coli), mycobacteria and fungi were virtually inactivated within five hours of applying the cream.

The researchers suggest that their new lipstick formula may offer protection against many pathogenic microorganisms.

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