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The nutritionist said that the ground meat in dumplings has a high oil content and a low protein ratio. It is recommended that it be matched with suitable high-protein foods to maintain muscle mass and basal metabolism. (Picture taken from photoAC)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]I like to eat dumplings, be careful to eat too much! Kant Clinic nutritionist Yan Yuanying posted on the Facebook fan page “Yan Yuanying Nutritionist” that the dumplings are high in calories, because the ground meat is high in oil and the skin is starchy. In addition, she also shared that 1 test method can be used to calculate how many dumplings to eat. That is to add 1 portion of vegetables the size of a fist and 1 portion of protein the size of a palm. After eating these, eat dumplings. At this time, you can eat a few dumplings, which is a more appropriate amount.

Yan Yuanying said that everyone’s height and weight are different. Rather than worrying about calories, it is more important to prepare the order of food, meat and rice. By eating vegetables and protein first, you can control calories and sugar.

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●Dumplings are high in calories: The ground meat has high fat content, and the relative protein ratio is low. It is recommended to match with suitable high-protein foods to maintain muscle mass and basal metabolism. And because the pork filling in the dumplings is saturated fat, it is recommended to mix soy products with unsaturated fatty acids, such as soy milk and edamame.

●Dumpling skin with enough starch: The skin of dumplings and steamed buns contains enough flour, so there is no need to add additional starch.

●Vegetables in the dumplings are less: The vegetable content in the dumplings is very small, and an extra serving of vegetables is required.

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