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It sets out the principles and bases of the athlete’s nutrition rules; and gives an in-depth look at sports nutrition and its influence on performance, training and recovery.

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The nutrition guide for cyclists and triathletes that will teach you all the keys to a correct diet in sport.

Know all the nutrients and their characteristics and prepare your own diet to achieve optimal performance.

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A whole series of tips and training programs to turn cycling into a healthy and necessary activity.

An essential guidebook signed by two great experts in physical preparation.

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An essential manual to strengthen the body and continue enjoying the bike during the third age.

The ‘eternal youth’ that many claim, in a series of very useful exercises and advice.

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Competition and cyclo-athletes. New technologies

A detailed study about the planning of training loads and everything related to their control.

It includes multiple graphs, tables and images that facilitate the understanding of the technical concepts.

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Regardless of the time you have for reading, don’t miss the opportunity to improve your sports practice and start getting the most out of each pedal stroke.

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The health and fitness benefits of cycling. Use your bike to strengthen your body, lose weight, and feel in top shape. Everything you need to know to get in shape with your favorite sport.

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Nutrition for Endurance Sports will guide you in the optimal selection of foods, drinks and supplements to train longer, recover faster, avoid injury and achieve your performance goals in any endurance event.

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A comprehensive guide written by Andrew L. Pruitt, one of the world’s leading experts on bicycle conditioning and cycling injuries and director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.

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The book that will help you improve your stretching off the bike and prevent injuries.

It contains a DVD that explains step by step the correct way to perform the exercises and the most frequent mistakes.

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Lose weight with cycling in a fun way without mortifying diets.

Cycling sessions with intervals and climbs that will allow you to burn more than 600 calories per hour.

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A book to learn to adapt the measurements and geometry of the bicycle according to the anatomy of each cyclist, with full-color illustrations.

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The book Paleodiet for athletes provides a nutritional formula for high performance sports.

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Manual on the scope and benefits of the practice of adapted cycling.

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With this book we can get fit and master cycling in just seven weeks with its innovative and flexible training programs, which will help us achieve our goals, whether they are losing weight, gaining endurance or participating in a competition.

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Useful for Zen meditators and practitioners, as well as for cyclists and athletes. Of great interest to cycling and environmental associations.

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Preparation, biomechanics, nutrition and hydration, trauma and medical problems

Book published under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee

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The most complete food and nutrition guide in your forays as a runner or as a complement to your cycling season

Diets, supplements, before and after the race … all with a pleasant and simple language

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What to eat and drink for maximum energy both on and off the race.

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This book, in addition to offering the fundamental foundations of food, helps to understand what caloric consumption can be and where the calculations for the personalized diet of any cyclist come from. Whether to perform at your best in competition or to enjoy cycling to the fullest, this book sets out guidelines for eating well and calculating your ideal weight.

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In this book, Dr. Zani, a sports doctor specialized in the treatment of injuries or caused by cycling, explains useful suggestions with the aim of improving performance on the bicycle while achieving a stable and lasting well-being condition.

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Whether you are a novice cyclist or a racing champion, this book teaches you how to prevent and treat all kinds of aches and pains related to this activity. The author explains how to diagnose minor and major problems, offers home solutions, and alerts you to disorders that require medical attention.

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The great runners of all time share their secrets to increase fun, safety and performance.