Cure rather than prevent. This could be the motto of the French system, as it is more focused on care than on the preservation of health. In his overview 2017 of health, published this Friday, the Organization of economic cooperation and development (OECD) points to some through persistent of the hexagonal system. The health expenses account for 11% of GDP. In purchasing power parity, and per capita, it is 15% more than the average for countries of the Organization.

still have to charge very moderate

A lot of work remains to be done, notably to fight against the addictions. Alcohol, first: with the equivalent of 133 liters, of wine bus per year per capita, France is still significantly above the average of 100 litres. Similarly, the smoking of more than 15 years is estimated to be 22% against 18% on average in the OECD. Aware of this delay, the government has decided to sharply increase the price of tobacco by 2020. Finally, the adolescents do not practice often enough for sporting activities.

On the other hand, the French who fall ill have the chance to live in the country where the remaining burden is the lowest in the OECD: 7% (excluding direct payments for hospital stays of long duration), compared to 20% in average. Suddenly, they have easy access to care. An assertion that may seem surprising at a time when there is much talk of renouncing to health care in the Hexagon. In fact, France is more unequal than other countries: compared to the average, the renunciation of a medical consultation is low (14%), but high for the poorest (30%).

VIDEO. Health : of the French well-cared for but little savvy

France is one of the only countries where it is necessary to advance the expenses for consultations, advanced Valérie Paris, one of the authors of the study, while the implementation of the third-party payment for all comes to be postponed to a date indefinite. This is the counterpart not assumed as a “care basket extremely broad “ and “the rebates are very high by the complementary health care “. the “In other countries, we will not refund sometimes, not all the glasses, and dental care are not supported by the add-in “, note Valerie Paris. Emmanuel Macron has promised a rest to zero load on the expenditure of dental prostheses, hearing aids and glasses by 2022.

A distrust of vaccines

While three vaccines that are extra will become mandatory for under two years old in 2018, the OECD recalls that the immunization coverage for measles is lower than average in France. the “The defiance of the French is particularly great “, note Francesca Colombo, co-author of the report, in recalling that from this year, pharmacists are experimenting with vaccination in France. Also, this is practice for years.

The use of antibiotics in the Hexagon is greater than 45% of the average, which increases the risk of antibiotic resistance. The use of generic maxes out at 30% of the volume of drugs, compared with 52% on average in the OECD. The failure to enroll more of the molecule to the directory of generic expensive. As to the growth of ambulatory surgery (no overnight in the hospital), France remains below the average, whether for a tonsillectomy or cataract, even if progress has been made.

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