Health professionals at the Feira X Polyclinic stop activities – Acorda Cidade

Published on 10/27/2021 08:27.

Doctors, nurses and administrative assistants complain of back wages.

Photo: Aldo Matos/Acorda Cidade

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Health professionals from the polyclinic of the Feira X complex stopped their activities this Wednesday morning (27). They staged a protest in front of the unit to demand payment of salaries.

According to a nurse, the payment of salaries is delayed every month and this month has not yet been paid by the company Imaps.

“We have already contacted Imaps several times and the only answer we have is: ‘no prediction’. And how do we stay? Today there is no service. The doctors stopped, the nurses stopped, the administrative sector stopped, and we want payment forecast and money in the account. Here is the emergency and emergency care unit, we stopped because we can’t stand this ‘no forecast’ story anymore. We need money in the account to continue our work”, said a nurse at the polyclinic.

Acorda Cidade is trying to contact the company Imaps.

Photos: Aldo Matos/Acorda Cidade

With information from reporter Aldo Matos do Acorda Cidade