Health professionals highlight the high compliance with unemployment

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The professionals of the Health nucleados in the Union of University Health Professionals (Siprus-Fesprosa) carry out for these hours a stoppage of activities in all the hospitals and health centers of the province in demand of the reopening of joint ventures, passes to plant and payment of wages and additional with up to 8 months of debt.

Meanwhile, in front of the Centennial Hospital, health professionals – adequately complying with social distancing measures – gave a “round of applause”. There, the doctors could be seen holding a large flag that read “reopening of the joint ventures.”

For its part, the head of the Siprus, Fernanda Boriotti, stressed today that the measure of force had high compliance and did not rule out the implementation of new measures in case the provincial government does not meet their demands.

On the other hand, the professional clarified that the minimum guards are maintained and that assistance to workplaces in the case of coronavirus treatments are guaranteed.

Yesterday, in a statement, the members of the Siprus insisted, in addition, with the need for “protection of personnel doomed to the health crisis, with the provision of quality and quantity necessary elements.”


Meanwhile, health professionals highlighted in part as “unsustainable” that in this situation of pandemic due to coronavirus, the union cannot have communication with the province’s Minister of Health, Carlos Parola: “In the six months of management, He never received the professionals who are guaranteeing attention to the health crisis, and it is also inadmissible for the province’s governor (Omar Perotti) to say that in order to discuss our working conditions in hospitals and health centers, we must wait until the end of the year. This situation does not occur in almost any other province of the Argentine Republic “



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