Health reform stagnated again in Congress, despite the marches called by Petro

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He second debate of the health reform of the government of Gustavo Petro still won’t boot and was postponed againdespite the fact that this Wednesday the president pressured Congress with marches for what approve all his controversial reforms social.

The most recent setback suffered by this initiative that seeks completely reform the Colombian health system was registered in the plenary session of the House of Representativesprecisely this Wednesday afternoon, because time was not enough to start the discussion.

After more than a week since the paper was filed of the reform for its processing in the second debate, the plenary of the Chamber has not even been able to vote on that positive reportDue to the number of impediments that were reported by congressmen.

Due to the vote of that barrage of impediments, the discussion of health reform could not start because the session lasted so long that the Speaker of the Chamber, David Racerohe was forced to pick it up and decided to recite for next week.

Weigh your concern, because times are getting shorter and shorter for the interests of the government in the awnings of the ruling party they are optimistic against the advance of the reformist initiative. This was confirmed by representative Alfredo Mondragonwho is the coordinator of the reform.

“Today June 7th, the day of the great mobilizations, the health reform advances. More than 42 impediments, more than 70 in totaltaking into account last week”, stressed Mondragón, representative to the Chamber for the Historical Pact.

Given this scenario, the start of the second debate on the health reform was ruled out for this week and it is expected that at the beginning of next week, after the festive bridge, the impediments are finished voting to start the discussion.

It is It was not the only setback that Petro’s social reforms hadbecause despite his call in the streets to Congress to approve them, in the Seventh Committee of the Senate the pension reform could not be discussed either because there was no quorum.

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2023-06-08 12:20:33